The Fictitious 1899 Interview with Tesla

The internet is abuzz with re-posts of a supposed 1899 interview with Nikola Tesla, by a journalist ‘John Smith.’

As much as we may like this to be real, it is not. Rather, it is a poorly translated excerpt from a play, ‘Tesla: Or Customisation of an Angel’ (meaning, “customisation of” Tesla) by Stevan Pešić, a Serbian playwright.

Nikola Tesla_stolen idea
Although I understand that people are hungry for Nikola Tesla’s wisdom on spirituality (his relationship with Swami Vivekananda attests to this), I am dismayed that so many people, and supposedly credible sites, have not seen it reasonable to check their sources.
The interview text was appropriated and misrepresented by someone who wanted to feed on people’s hopes and adoration of Tesla’s genius. Unethical, and against the law, given that the original is copyrighted material.
The play started out as a radio drama in Serbia. It became very popular and was made into a theatre play, first performed in Belgrade in 1995. Since then, the play has been performed 270 times (as at writing this article) at the National Theatre in Belgrade, as well as on tour in the cities of Serbia and abroad. The play was made into a film twice—In 2001 by director Slobodana Ž. Jovanović, and by Dušan Mihailović in 2014, both of which aired on RTV NS.
The creative liberty of the play takes this ‘interview’ way beyond facts, and the many inconsistencies attest to that. For instance:
  • Einstein was only 20 years old during this supposed interview. His Theory of Relativity didn’t begin development until 1905, and he published his theory of general relativity in 1915. In any case, Tesla didn’t begin criticising the theory until later in his life.
  • The word “radar” was not coined until the late 1930s, and the radar was patented in 1935.
  • Black holes were not yet dreamt of–Albert Einstein first predicted the existence of black holes in 1916, with his general theory of relativity. The term “black hole” was coined many years later in 1967 by American astronomer John Wheeler.
  • Mark Twain, Tesla’s close friend, had not yet completed the ‘Mysterious Stranger.’
  • Also, Tesla did not meet and care for his beloved pigeon until far later in his years.
  • And there has never existed a publication called ‘Immortality’ in Colorado, in the US—Pešić chose the title as a symbol of Tesla’s legacy.
  • Oh, and Tesla was not on his death bed in 1899—He died in 1943.
This story, as poignant as it is, does not represent the truth. According to Pešić, it’s a philosophical fairy-tale of man and hope, of the soul, the light, and the universe.
As we know, misrepresentation/misquotation seems to be the way of the internet. Ironically, this blind perpetuation not only discredits the message but serves to diminish, in this instance, the genius of Nikola Tesla by reducing him to a New Age Guru. Tesla was so much more than that.

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30+ Reasons Why THC is Effective in Treating Cancer

Conventional medicine seems further from a cure for cancer than when the search began decades ago. After billions of dollars of expenditure on research, the cancer rate still continues to climb.

cancer cells under electron microscope.png

Cancer cells under electron microscope

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the western countries, second only to heart disease. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every day worldwide, over 22,000 people die of cancer (2012 estimates).  The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades. With such high numbers, virtually every family is at risk.

Ironically, the ancient remedies that have been tried and tested over millennia are being debated or kept out of the mainstream.

Chemotherapy and radiation are far from safe. Both are extremely invasive, and neither can be selective, destroying the body’s immune system along the way. Surgery, where appropriate, is specific and can be the tipping point, particularly when followed up with natural medicines.

The magic word is – Balance. The balance between modern treatments and ancient remedies.

The majority of cancers, some 90–95% of cases, are due to environmental factors, which are largely within one’s control. The remaining 5–10% are due to inherited genetics.

Over time, DNA declines, as the telomeres,  which protect the end of a chromosome from deterioration, shorten. Explanation in the American Journal of Human Biology suggests that shorter telomeres are associated with increased cancer rates.

Remediating external factors, such as diet, has been shown to prevent new cancer cells from forming.  And natural remedies play a significant role in this.

What natural remedies – including Vitamin D, C, and B17 (strictly speaking, not a vitamin), and phytocannabinoids (specifically, delta-9-THC), among others – seem to do particularly well, is have the beneficial effect on our immune system as well as prevent the formation of new cancer cells.

Also, extensive medical studies into the effects of phytocannabinoids have shown that delta-9-THC also inhibits the tumor by selectively blocking key blood vessels needed for tumor growth, and so causes cancer cell death. Phytocannabinoids – the key active ingredient in cannabis – were found effective in fighting against colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and several other forms of the disease.

Below are just some peer review studies that show that phytocannabinoids have an effect on many different types of cancer cells.

canabis leaves in hand

The incredible weed

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The power of wilful ignorance cannot be overstated

Some of the secrets about how marketers make you buy what they want you to buy: Make you want it, crave it, need it.


By using the right choice of words, marketers can focus the conversation to exactly where they want to.

By using the right choice of words, marketers can focus the conversation to exactly where they want to.

By using the right choice of words, marketers can focus the conversation to exactly where they want to.

Technique 1:  Everybody believes what’s on the label.

Technique 2:  Focus on progress.

Technique 3:  Rely on the consumers’ preparedness to look the other way.

What I’m learning in my Marketing studies…


… has put me off marketing alltogether.