Representatives of more than 300 indigenous tribes and nations openly declare sovereignty

Starting at sunrise this Saturday and continuing through late Monday, beautiful Lac Comatose in Ontario, Canada will bare witness to an event of truly enormous importance to every man, woman and child on the planet.

Its been centuries, if not millennia in the planning, but you’d hardly suspect it. By proxy, it involves billions of people around the world, but you’ve heard little if anything about it.

For the first time on the North American continent, an estimated three hundred local and international Indigenous Elders and Tribal representatives are expected to join in signing documents destined to go down in the annals of history as amongst the most powerful and globally significant since the Magna Charta and the now beleaguered, Constitution of the United States of America.

Described as ‘Declarations of Continuing Sovereignty’, the documents were created for use by individuals, tribes and whole nations to “peacefully proclaim and effectively live their full and unalienable rights as Original Sovereign People”, Jule du Varrens, an Australian-based project consultant for the group, said earlier today.

Inspired in part by the apparent lack of a ‘truly inclusive’ consultative process in the creation of the recently adopted UN’s Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples, these Gatherings and Declarations of indigenous communities around the world are, for many, considered to be the only sustainable and peaceful solution towards true self governance and determination.

The Elders, (Hereditary Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Faith Keepers and collaborators) who refer to their activities as “The Sovereignty Project”, conservatively(?) estimate upwards of a billion people worldwide are now represented within their alliance. And its growing – very fast!

“We try to meet weekly for planning purposes via a global conference call and in between times keep in touch over the internet and telephone. Our extended network includes participants from Canada, the US, South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, Thailand, the Philippines, and East Africa”, said Anthony Pasquariello, Mohawk and Attorney, and The Sovereignty Projects’ US-based project chair.

Algonquin Elder, Jacob Wawatie, a co-author of the Declaration and host for this weekend’s ceremonies and celebrations, adds: “These are truly universal Declarations and represent a growing global happening as foretold in the ancient prophesies of many of the traditional custodians. This new confederacy is born from all things positive, not from anger for past oppression and atrocities undeniably committed. These things are forgiven.”

One has to agree, ‘”History is not ‘made’- it’s lived! Given the reach of our global media and instantaneous communications, that such immensely important and historic gatherings and document-signings as this have apparently slipped by undetected, only goes to show we do indeed ‘live in extraordinary times!”

Contact Information:
Jacob Wawatie, Canada: wigibiwajak @
Tel: 1- 819-438-1866
Anthony J. Pasquariello,USA: tonyplaw @
Cell: 1-201- 410-8253
Jule du Varrens, Australia: jule @
Tel: 61-(0)432-489-939


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