Wake Up Sydney!

What is Wake Up Sydney about? In their own words: “Wake Up Sydney! is part of the largest movement the world has ever seen. Millions of people, just like you, are waking up to a bright new way of thinking, a brilliant new way of being. It is a profound revolution in human consciousness. It is the coming world. This is a defining moment in history, and in each of our lives: an opportunity, and a calling, to be part of an extraordinary movement toward a life-sustaining global community.”

Simply put, it is a Social Networking group. Social networking as a form of crowdsourcing.

To illustrate, I will be using a lot of words that you may never have heard of. New, because there is no precedent for what is happening so people are thinking up new terms as well as clutching at old straws. Terms like ‘social networking’ and ‘crowdsourcing’ maybe recent, but others, like: mass collaboration, collective intelligence as well as, tribes, swarms, hives, are not so.

Many more come to mind, but when I stop and think, they all mean the same: Coming together to leverage the power of the crowd united by common motives, goals, aims. For those of you who understand ‘geek talk’, something akin to Bit Torrent protocol, except using people.

Now is the time for the tribes of Sydney to gather, collaborate, be entertained and accelerate this revolution toward a more kind, conscious and sustainable world.”


‘Flip’ through the Wake Up Sydney! website to find out more

2 thoughts on “Wake Up Sydney!

  1. No, not a group of performers Clay – a group of people passionate about doing something about creating a sustainable future for all.

    Activities are varied, aim is one: sustainability!

    These points were lifted directly from the site:-

    "What you will Find at our Monthly Evenings:

    * Live Music: Folk, pop, classical, house to world & funk.
    * Short Film: Inspiring, elevating and educational.
    * Artistry: Dance, photography, poetry, comedy & design.
    * Speakers: Dynamic discussion with leading thinkers, authors & artists.
    * Cash bar: We'll throw in some organic chocolates.
    * Like minded people: Meet & mingle with good folks.

    These evenings also strive to cultivate:

    * Presence: The freedom of being fully present & alive; here and now.
    * Creativity: Bathe in fresh, elevating film + live music + artistry.
    * Community: Engage with others in the spirit of discovery.
    * Dialogue: Provocative conversation and fresh perspectives.
    * Connection: An access point to sustainable resources & change agents.
    * Mindful action: Stimulate personal, social & environmental action. "

    Its a network, reaching out to connect with other networks with similar intentions…

    One of the videos hosted at the site that really struck me: http://www.wakeupsydney.com.au/Interviews/The-SandboxSyndrome.aspx


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