wolves, Israeli Army Special Forces Intelligence and toddlers…

…What do they have in common?

Tamar Geller

Providence definitely moves in mysterious ways:  After posting the previous, soul-tearing post, I came across a link in my Twitter stream to an interview with Tamar Geller.

After leaving the army, and as part of her psychology studies, Tamar observed wolves in their natural habitat and realised that they taught their young primarily through games.  Reflecting on her military intelligence expertise, she concluded that a dog possesses aspects of both wolf and human toddler, so Geller created her innovative and revolutionary approach to dog training – An approach that is light-years ahead of the typical dog trainer pack.  Tamar’s revolutionary approach to teaching dogs manners made her  a celebrity in her own right.

What can animals teach us about relating to each other?…

Maybe as simple as, Love transforms!

Watch Tamar’s promo video at http://www.tamargeller.com/ for some very useful and poignant tid-bits.


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