Internet Censorship(?) – You cannot be serious?!

“The power of the internet is in collaboration.”

The most ridiculous idea Australian politicians have come up with, yet!  In the age when the Internet is connecting people all around the world, is informing and educating in ways never imagined before, our politicians in their wisdom have decided to take us back to the level of 2nd world countries (although, even China backed down on Internet filtering) by taking it upon themselves to decide what we can see on the net.  No less than by ensuring this with legislating on Internet filtering, in the name of child protection.  Hardly imaginative and rather militant.

What happened to parental guidance and responsibility?  Or, gods forbid, guiding and building a values foundation in our children, maybe even supervising them.  Or possibly, alternative measures that do not curtail civil liberties for adults, like age verification to enter unclassifiable content, as in porn sites.

Several prominent child protection agencies, civil liberty and human rights groups have joined GetUp in signing a joint statement to Save the Net.

GetUp has combined the best of it’s competition entries to make this video.  The result: a sharp parody that highlights how ridiculous the plan is – Censordyne!

Now we have to make sure it’s seen in all the right places, by the politicians who seem to think that the general population of Australia needs to be controlled by taking responsibility away from them.

GetUp plans to feature their campaign video on every Qantas flight in the country for an entire week, where every politician, their advisers and political journos will be – on a plane to Canberra for the next sitting week of Parliament.

Watch ‘Censordyne!’; spread the word. Help GetUp deliver our voice to the politicians.


If you’re still wondering what this is about, more info at


In 2006, Australia had a good flow of information online compared to most other countries. (from Wikipedia)





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