global spiritual crisis

“We are in a global spiritual crisis which demands that we remove our veils of denial and enter a new science of consciousness, exploring our potential to heal, our eternal nature, and our membership in a cosmic community of beings… We must not only create an ecologically sustainable future, but we need to lift ourselves out of poverty, war, meaningless work and the ignorance of new knowledge… We need to form a global green democracy which would oversee our sustainable, peaceful and mind-expanding futures.”

[Dr. O’Leary, scientist, author, and former NASA astronaut]

Re-Inheriting The Earth_Dr O'Leary
Dr O’Leary’s bio at his website

One thought on “global spiritual crisis

  1. Thanks for the post. The Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest has long been misappropriated to mean only the “strong” shall survive. It has hovered in the background as the justification for greed and and exploitation for many, many decades now. What Darwin was really saying was that only through adaptation, not necessarily strength, does nature progress and evolve. In the early days of human evolution, being the fittest, i.e the strongest, did in fact have the highest survival value. Now that mankind has overrun the planet’s resources, a new paradigm of cooperation, compassion, and love must emerge as the new “strongest” if we are to continue forward as a species.

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